Wednesday, July 12, 2017


I was looking for a cool game to buy for an upcoming birthday when I stumbled upon Gotrovo. It had great reviews, was good for nearly all ages and could be played as a single player game or in groups, so I grabbed it. I decided to go ahead and get two of them because I thought my kids would also enjoy it, and sure enough, they do. (The birthday boy's mom confirmed that her kids enjoy it as well!)

It's a very straight forward, easy game that we have now played several times. The first day I opened it up we played it five times in a row! They just couldn't get enough. Harper and Dakota played as a team and then later when friends were over they played it with them. I did all the setting up and they did all the worked best that way.

So, basically, the kids are given a map with the first clue in place. There are both picture cards and riddles, cards for inside hunts and out. Our first one was a riddle/inside hunt. The first clue read "Buckle Me, Tie Me, Slip Me On. I Cover Your Feet While You Walk and Run." They knew that meant shoes and they were off to find the second clue in the garage where the shoes are kept. Harper read the clues aloud and he and Dakota worked them out together. Harper held the map and placed the cards on the map while Dakota collected the coins and carried them around. It was nice that there was something they could both do. There is enough room on the map for 10 clues and then the very last thing they find is a giant gold treasure! 

Here's one of the finished games using picture cards as the guide. 

I'd definitely recommend this game for the 10 and under crowd. Harper's buddy was playing it with him and he's 9, but I don't think it's going to appeal to anyone much older than that. 

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