Thursday, July 27, 2017

Vacay, Day 2

The two youngest don't understand the rule of sleeping in on vacation so they were up bright and early, sometime right after 6 am the first day. Since our room was a one bedroom, the two little kids were on a pullout couch with Landon on a queen bed right next to them. Tony and I had the single bedroom. Anyways, in order to let Landon sleep past the crack of dawn, we let the little kids eat their breakfast on the small balcony. It was an instant hit and they spent much of their free time out there. They played with the stuffed animals they brought from home, ate meals out there and yelled hello's to people passing by. The hotel pool was directly below our room and they liked watching people swimming below them.

After breakfast we headed out to the beach. It was overcast and drizzly all day but we didn't let that stop us from enjoying our day.

After a full morning on the water we all showered and headed to Broadway on the Beach for a little bit. Dakota was absolutely exhausted and fell asleep on the car ride over (complete miracle). 

The kids were fascinated by the big fish that they have stocked in the lake out there but I still find them kind of gross. We found some change and the kids had a good time feeding the fish and ducks.

My parents were meeting us on the boardwalk for dinner and while we waited we went into an arcade. I didn't have any cash on me but Landon was nice enough to use a little of his money to buy the kids some tokens to play. 

Naturally my parents parked on the opposite end of the boardwalk so we had to do a bit of work to figure out where they were. That boardwalk is huge! We finally found them and after a bit of debating decided to eat dinner at Senor Frogs. None of us had ever eaten there before but they weren't too crowded, had a really nice covered outdoor seating area and a lady walking around making balloon hats; too good to pass up!

I thought the stools at the bar were pretty funny and the kids were happy to sit up there and let me grab a picture.

While we waited for our food we spent time reading and laughing at all the goofy sayings they had posted on the ceiling and got our balloon hats from the balloon lady. 

As fun as balloon hats are, they're really annoying to wear after awhile. Harper was the first to ditch his and we all ended up handing our hats to random kids as they passed by. Dakota was the only one who wanted to keep hers, and she did for several days. It wasn't too late when we left the boardwalk so we ran back down to the ocean...

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