Saturday, July 29, 2017

Vacay, Day 4

Finally! Blue skies and sunshine! That's our little set up there to the left. Umbrella, rolling cart with beach toys, towels, sunblock, boogie boards and skim board. We didn't need anything else and if we did it only took about 2 minutes to go to the room to get it. Simple and perfect.

Every morning we were there we'd head out sometime after 9 am. The tide was very low then and there are these great tide pools to play in. The water in those pools would be so warm by early afternoon that it was like sitting in a warm bath. The kids caught fish in their pails and played other made up games with other vacationing was so relaxing! The kids and Tony would go out and play in the waves when the mood struck and we'd gather shells and whatever critters we could get a hold of. When we'd get tired of the sand we'd head to the pools. Vacationing just doesn't get better. Mom and dad joined us for a little bit too and while the ocean may not be my mom's favorite, she certainly seemed to enjoy herself!

My dad went out with Landon to watch him practice skim boarding. There were some good skims (not sure what you call them) and some falls, but I think Landon did get a little better. 

My mom and I went back to the room and made lunch for everyone and then we all had a picnic. 

After lunch it was time for the pool. We did some floating around in the lazy river and we ordered a couple Caribbean Cooler buckets. They were quite tasty! The kids got some Italian ices and they couldn't have been happier!

I let Landon choose where we should try for dinner that night and he chose Extreme Pizza that was down at Broadway on the Beach. I think it may have been the best pizza I've ever had. Luckily we have one coming soon to our area soon!

It was still a bit early after dinner so we walked over to the Backstage Mirror Maze. It was fun but the price is a bit extreme for what it is. Before entering they give you a pair of plastic gloves so that you won't leave fingerprints all over the glass but let me tell you, I saw lots of people run smack into a mirror. So, there may not be fingerprints but there's probably quite a few face prints! It's super disorientating in there, especially with the flashing lights and sometimes complete dark!

When we finally made it out of the maze we walked around the shops for a bit. Harper found a hilarious mask, Dakota found a mermaid bathing suit and we all found Kilwin's where we ate some amazing ice cream. (Landon was super sweet and bought the mermaid suit for Dakota as a late birthday gift. She was over the moon excited!) 

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