Saturday, July 29, 2017

Vacay, Day 5

Remember that mermaid bathing suit Landon picked up for Dakota's belated birthday gift? Well, here she is in all her mermaid glory...

And, here's her cute older brother headed out for another spin on his boogie board:

We discovered some sand crabs and the kids loved catching them and watching burrow under the sand.

I found some beach photo ideas on Pinterest and while I could hardly get anyone to cooperate, I did manage to get a couple:

We couldn't ever seem to go to the beach and then just go back to our room, we always had to stop at the pools first.

We didnt' feel like going back to the boardwalk for dinner that night so my dad found and chose a nearby steak house that had good reviews. It was called Chuck's Steak House and holy crap was it good! The atmosphere in there is so relaxing and almost makes you forget your even at the beach and not at some swanky mountain resort. The food was terrific and our waiter was awesome. While you're waiting for your meal, make sure you try the cheese and crackers they have available. We'd never had port wine cheese before but we'll absolutely need to have it again! 

I don't feel like any beach vacation is complete without a game of mini golf so we made sure to fit that in after dinner that night. We had seen the Jungle Safari golf place before and it looked fun so that's where we went. It was a fierce game and everyone playing (mom and I watched) got at least 1 hole in one. Papa got 5, Landon 3, Tony 3, Harper 3 and Dakota 1. Papa won this one but he better be ready next time...

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