Sunday, July 30, 2017

Vacay, Day 6

I woke up super depressed on our last day of vacation. We'd had such a great week and I wasn't even slightly bored of the ocean. We headed out and I made sure to get pictures of the kids playing and enjoying their time out there. (Landon refused to get out of bed and come down to the beach so he's not in any of the photo's.) 

While sitting in the shallow water I watched as a little clam dug it's way into the sand. I quickly dug it up and showed the kids how it looked like an ordinary shell but if you let the waves wash over it the clam would come out a bit and dig it's way into the sand. They were fascinated and spent a long time looking for clams and watching them dig into the sand. It was a great activity and lesson for the last day at the ocean. 

For our farewell hurrah we went to Pirate's Voyage. The kids totally loved when we celebrated Harper's birthday at Medieval Times last year so I figured they'd enjoy this too. The idea is the same except they swapped knights for pirates and princesses for mermaids. For an extra $20 kids can become "part of the show" and have their faces painted into pirates or mermaids and you better believe Dakota was all over that! (Harper hates having his face painted so he declined.) 

I must admit that I am not a huge fan of either place. I just find the shows to be incredibly boring and I can't keep my attention on what's going on. The food at the Pirate show was pretty good (similar to medieval times but better prepared) but there is no way I could ever eat it all. They give you bread, soup, half a roasted chicken, Pulled BBQ pork, corn on the cob, half a baked potato and some sort of apple dessert. I was right about the kids though and they did enjoy the show. There were a few scary parts but for the most part it was just a lot of singing and dancing and aerial performances. It was a good way to end the evening and our week of vacation, but knowing what I do now, I'd have preferred to spend the last minutes of our time out at the beach. 

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