Friday, August 25, 2017

Art Camp: Fairytale and Imagination

My kids had their second day of art camp today and they had as much fun this time as they did last time. This weeks theme was Fairytale & Imagination so the art work went that direction.

They drew frogs (Harper's artwork will always be the top photo, just to make things easy):

They painted frogs (Dakota said her's looks like a potato, Harper and I thought more like a jalepeno):

They made rock monsters:

And splatter paint monsters (Dakota made one red and one green):

They drew maps:

And they made cute popsicle stick fairies:

I just love all of it and love that they enjoy their time being creative. Dakota may have had more paint on herself than all her projects combined, but at least she had a good time doing it!

While the kids were making messes I did some shopping at Target, picked Landon up from cross country, filled the van up with gas, went to the bank and then drove to Zoe's place to hang out for a little bit. We walked her neighborhood, had lunch together and talked about the wedding. I left her house around 2 pm and made it home in time to mop the kitchen and take a shower before going back to get the kids. 

It was a nice day off and I guess a taste of what it will be like when they're all in school full time in a few weeks. So weird. 

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