Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Maryland Renaissance Festival

This weekend was children's weekend AND opening weekend at the renaissance festival so we thought it'd be a great way to spend a Saturday with the kiddo's. Landon (surprisingly) opted not to go, but the two little kids were ready to see what all the fuss was about. We got there right around 10 am and were stuck in line waiting to buy tickets for over an hour. I knew I should have bought the tickets online but I kept thinking Landon would change his mind and want to go and I had no idea the line to get in would be so long. Thankfully the weather was nice or we may have turned around and headed out of there after seeing that long line! (It would have probably been the best thing too since the kids were off the hook whiny the entire day. They were miserable to be around.)

Although Harper did want to be in the picture below, he refused to smile. I should have known then that he was going to be a pill for the rest of the day, but my hopes were high and I was in the mood to have fun so I ignored it...

There have been a lot of changes to the festival since we were there last and the only show we remembered from before was "O". The set up is the same as it has always been but I think it was much more crowded than other times we've been. 

We were walking around checking things out when we walked by a "strength" tester game. I could tell that Tony wanted to give it a try so I egged him on a bit and he gave it a go. He didn't ring the bell but he did get close. We saw many people give it a try and not a one was able to ring that bell!

We had some lunch (mini corn dogs for the kids, huge turkey leg for Tony and I had a falafel wrap) and then found some seats at the jousting arena which I thought the kids would love. (Harper complained the entire time but the rest of us enjoyed the show.)

After the jousting the kids spotted elephant rides and since that's just not something you get to do every day, we got in line for that. I wanted to ride but knew if I did I wouldn't get good pictures, so I watched instead. (Not sure who the guy is behind Tony but kind of makes me laugh that he's in the pictures!)

We let the kids try out a bowling game and Harper was able to knock them all down with only two tries! Bowling is quite different when the ball is hanging from a rope!

Before leaving we watched a few shows. 

And A Fool Named 'O' and 'Lala', one of our favorites from years past:

The shows were all unique and fun to watch but the kids only really enjoyed 'O'. They laughed and laughed at all the silly stuff they did!

Next time we go we're getting a babysitter. We missed so much stuff and so many shows...

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