Thursday, August 3, 2017

Homemade Donuts

With Harper's birthday right around the corner I had to get him to the toy store to get ideas. He's tough because he is very limited on what he really likes and right now that is Minecraft and/or video games. We did find a few other options while we looked around and I'm feeling better about the gift situation now. Mema came with us to look because she needed some ideas too. When she realized she wouldn't be able to buy stuff right then because he'd see, I showed her how to add it all to her amazon cart and have it sent...and, it was all cheaper online than in Toys R Us!

Since we were right next door to Noodles & Company, we stopped there for lunch and then went over to JoAnn because I wanted to look around in there as well. Mema saw some stuff to make homemade donuts so she bought all the supplies and then we went back to our house to bake them! We made confetti donuts with strawberry icing and they were delicious!

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