Thursday, August 3, 2017

Daniel's Area, Patapsco Valley State Park

I told my friend Lisa that I wanted to get my kids out to Patapsco State Park soon and she suggested we go out on Monday since they wanted to go as well. She'd heard about a cool area with a dam that had lots of room for the kids to explore rocks and swim so we decided to try it out instead of our usual spot near the swinging bridge. (It was called Daniel's Area and was about 25 minutes away in Ellicott City.)

We got there a little bit before they did because Evelyn was napping. When we got there the parking lot was near empty but when we walked down to the dam there were a few people fishing. They didn't seem happy to see us so we decided to go find a restroom and then wait for Lisa and her kids to show up. There wasn't a bathroom anywhere nearby that we could see so I found the nearest gas station and then we drove back. We had only been back about 5 minutes when they showed up and we headed out. (The grumpy fishers were gone by then.)

We hadn't been out there 20 minutes when Dakota came and told me she had to go to the bathroom. (Not a pee.) So, I had to leave Harper with Lisa and drive her back to the gas station which was maybe just under 10 minutes away. We got to the gas station and then she couldn't go. Of course. So, we got back in the van and drove back but then only had about 10 more minutes to play until we had to get changed and head to the dentist because all three of us had appointments that day. Oy.

While I'd been gone with Kota, Lisa took a couple pictures of the oldest boys that I asked her to share with me...these two boys are just too darned cute!

I love this next one because Harper was telling Colin all about a "gigantic blue spider" that he'd found in his room. Colin's expression is hilarious!

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