Thursday, August 3, 2017

Learning About Money

My kids love coins. They are always on the look out for dropped change and anytime Mema is around they ask her for coins. With their interest in money I thought I'd try to teach them the value of the coins they love to collect.

Harper, of course, already knows most of what we talked about this morning but it was a new learning experience for Dakota.

I wrote the different coins and values on pieces of paper for them and we started by looking at and identifying the various coins. (I have a little container of plastic money that I picked up a long time ago on clearance.) Then we counted each type of coin and wrote down how much of each we had.

Once we'd finished with our papers I had a little store set up so that they could shop and count some money. I just used whatever little things I had sitting nearby and used post it notes and made up price tags. Harper was able to pay me for his items with little help. He had a bit of trouble figuring out how to make 99 cents but once I showed him to start with the larger coins he was able to figure it out.

Dakota didn't quite make it to the store part because she's just a bit too young but she did enjoy counting the money and learning about the coins. 

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