Saturday, August 5, 2017

Foot Golf for Brandon's 25th Birthday

This morning we drove out to McDaniel College in Westminster to celebrate Brandon's 25th birthday with a round of foot golf. Zoe heard about it through someone she works with and realized that a combination of two things Brandon loves would be a great way to spend his special day.

When Zoe asked if we'd like to join them I told her yes but I was a little skeptical how it was going to go with the two younger kids. We chose an early tee time (10 am) because it's August and we thought we might need to beat the heat of the day but it turned out to be an immaculate weather day.  There were giant white puffy clouds in the sky and a bit of a breeze and just an overall gorgeous day. (It was  so chilly when we first got there that Dakota asked if I had brought her a jacket!)

We went inside the "clubhouse" and paid and then got the instructions on how to play the game. It's set up within the golf course itself and is pretty self explanatory. We may or may not followed all the rules...I'll never tell! We could have rented golf carts but ultimately decided to just walk the course. It was an 18 hole course and took 2 hours but it was a really fun experience!

We finished around noon and we were all starving. The guy who we paid for the game told us about a new place that had just opened about a mile away called Top Nosh. Since it was close by and we don't really know that area we thought we'd give it a try. We pulled in and saw that they closed on Saturday's at 1 pm so we figured we'd better hurry! They have a decent menu but we weren't all that thrilled with the food we got. We ate what we got anyways though because we were so hungry and tired from the morning. 

After lunch we headed back to our house. After dropping everyone off, Zoe and I jumped right back in the van to go to Michaels (they had fall floral stuff on sale and we need them for the wedding) and then to Baskin Robbins to grab an ice cream cake for Brandon. We didn't end up getting a cake though because we found an Oreo Cookies and Cream Polar Pizza to try instead! It was quite tasty!

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