Thursday, August 31, 2017

Meet and Greet

With school being less than a week away, the kids were invited into the school to see which teacher they would have for the year. On the way there Tony was saying that he bet there would only be a few people there because it was in the middle of the day (2-3 pm) and how it was silly to do this, so he was really surprised when we pulled up and the entire parking lot was full and there was a very long line of people outside the school! I remembered it being quite busy last year but I think there were more people this time.

Harper is going to have Mrs. Pinkney this year, a teacher Landon had when he was younger. Dakota will be with Mrs. Anderson but we won't meet her until next week. Each child's desk had a little questionnaire on it for parents to fill out and the last question was: Is there anything specific you'd like me to know about your child? I wrote: He's awesome. (It's the truth.)

He enjoyed the Swedish fish goodie bag and was even kind enough to share with his sister. When we were done introducing ourselves and looking around for familiar names we headed outside for a snocone that the PTA graciously paid for. 

Harper has been saying that he's not ready for school to start but I think this might have helped. He looked excited about his new classroom and left there wondering what they'd be learning this year. I think 2nd grade is going to be a great year for him! 

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