Friday, October 20, 2017

Maryland Zoo: Meeting Hope, the African Penguin

My kids are out of school today and yesterday for the first round of parent teacher conferences. I didn't schedule conferences for any of my kids because they're all doing well at this point and I want to wait until the next round when there will be more to talk about. I feel like it's just a bit early in the year to worry too much. So, since school was out yesterday, my friend Lisa and I took our crew to the Maryland Zoo for the morning. The zoo was offering a penguin craft with a promise of bringing in a "special animal friend" for a visit and we all kept our fingers crossed that it would be a penguin that we got to meet. (The promise of getting to be up close with a penguin is the entire reason we all went and we were not disappointed!)

Before they brought out the star of the show the kids were kept busy with coloring, a story about a penguin and a cute penguin craft. Harper was less than thrilled about the coloring page and craft but once he got started working on them he was fine, even happy.

When everyone finished their penguin marionettes, they brought out Hope, the penguin. She was super cute but super bitey. She was pretty much chewing on the guy handling her the entire time he talked. Luckily no one else was bitten but when I reached to pet her she did try to get me! Little shit. 

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