Monday, October 16, 2017

How To Go To The Bathroom, by Harper and Dakota

So, I found this little paper tutorial hanging in the bathroom the other day. I don't know where I was while this was being made, but when I came home, it was all hanging in the downstairs bathroom. 

Dakota claimed responsibility for the papers but yesterday when I finally removed them from the wall I saw "written by Harper, illustrated by Dakota" on the back. Tony and I thought Dakota had written the whole thing and we couldn't believe how well she'd sounded everything out! Really, we should have known her brother did the writing! It's absolutely his handwriting. 

Here's what it says, in case you can't read it: 
  • go in the bathroom door
  • go to the bathroom
  • get toylet papper (toilet paper)
  • wipe your butt
  • mustak (mistake)
  • whosh your hanse (wash your hands)
  • wipe your hanes (wipe you hands)
Dakota did write a little bit though, on the bottom right paper I can tell she wrote "all a bhout bathroom" "BFF". She writes BFF on her papers all the time, funny she wrote it on here though!

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