Tuesday, February 13, 2018

100th Day of School

My kids were so excited for school today because it was the 100th day! After they got dressed this morning I overheard them talking about how they couldn't wait to get to school! Last year, when Dakota was in preschool I went in to help with the activities but this year parent help wasn't requested. I would have gone in anyways but I'll be there tomorrow for Valentine's Day so I wasn't too worried about it.

Harper said they didn't celebrate at all in his class and that he was the only one with a 100th day shirt. Kind of sad that there aren't any fun 100th day things the older kids can do. Dakota, on the other hand, said they did 10 different stations, all revolving around the number 100. They had 100 cups to stack, 100 CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words to read, roll a die 100 times and make a 100th day hat were some of them.

I guess that leaves 80 days in this school year. This stretch, the one after Christmas up to spring break always feels the longest. There seem to be fewer days off  and we spend every day waiting for those subtle hints of spring to show up. I'm not anxious at all for this school year to end though because having my last baby begin 1st grade, and my Harps start 3rd grade just doesn't seem right. Third grade just seems so old...half way through elementary school at the end of this year. And, we won't even start on it being Landon's LAST year of high school! He'll be a freaking senior! 

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