Friday, March 28, 2008

On the Fritz

Sometimes I really hate my DVR! Thursday nights are my big T.V. night and I DVR everything and watch it the next day or later that night, just so I don't have to rush down here, fight for the T.V. and then tell everyone to SHHH...

Well, today I came downstairs to find that my recorder didn't record a single show from last night...except for the LOST repeat! So, I missed the finale of The Apprentice and an episode of Survivor. I really hated to miss the finale since I actually followed this season, but Survivor I can live without every episode. I don't understand why the DVR doesn't always work though, it shows that it is set up to record at the right time and channel...oh-well. I really don't need to watch all that crap anyways I guess. I am a little dissappointed that Piers Morgan won the Apprentice though. He was such a jerk the entire show, and Trace was so nice, but all the money went to a great charity, and that's all that matters anyways.

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