Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Can you cake the icing?

Zoe decided she wanted to try to bake a cake last night. So she called Theresa and they had a great time! It was just a basic cake mix from a box, nothing special...just chocolate. It was kind of late when they finished and it was still a little warm when Zoe needed to get in bed, so I told her to cover it and she could frost it in the morning. So, she got up this morning and tried to frost it...I don't know what happened but everytime she would try to put the icing on, the entire top would pull off! The icing was being caked instead of the other way around! Landon and I thought it was hilarious and while Zoe laughed she didn't think it was nearly as funny as we did. Hopefully it will still taste good. ;)

1 comment:

susan and sometimes aaron said...

was the icing and cake cold? that could have been the culprit. did you get my email i sent last night? i tried sending it through myspace but i kept getting an error. let me know.

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