Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Here Batter Batter!

I decided that since the kids and I stayed home pretty much all day today that we should take them to the batting cages tonight, just for the heck of it. So, we headed up there with $19.00 and figured each of them would get $5.00 worth of hits, and when you buy $5.00 in tokens you get one free, so they each received 6. One token = 15 hits. Any who, Tony and I just couldn't stand there and watch, we just had to get in on the action! It was so much fun smacking the hell out of those balls. Jaron, Zoe and I played slow pitch softball, Landon played slow pitch baseball, and Tony played a little here a little there. Zoe has never played before (for real) so she was intimidated and kept saying she couldn't do it, and the helmet didn't fit and she couldn't see...then once we were all having fun, she got into it and enjoyed it. Jaron was non-stop the whole time, just loving it. (When he was younger he played baseball and hated it because they made him wear a cup, so when we got there he said, "Are they going to make us wear a cup?" I told him no, and he was so happy!) LOL! The time flew by and we spent every last dollar we had on us, and then this freak rain storm came through, so we were done in the nick of time really! Landon had his own bats, and he was using his wooden bat, until he cracked it! We couldn't believe that he actually cracked his bat! (I think he was just a tad impressed with himself!) Jaron and Zoe IMG_0469 IMG_0465 IMG_0472


Celena said...

Oh cool pics! I love going to the batting cage.

Helena said...

Fantastic pics, but I didn't understand what you were talking about, lol

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