Sunday, January 4, 2009

Ordinary Sunday

This is the first day for awhile now that we haven't any plans. So, this is how our time is being filled...



Tony and Landon played a game of Bakugan; Landon won.


Zoe has been working on her Science Fair display board for a few hours now...


Ginger had something stuck to her nose, but it fell off right before I got this pic of her













Landon and a friend went out on the front porch and attempted to sell rocks (they are just a bit expensive, don't cha think?)

As for me, I'm just lounging around, taking photos, blogging (obviously), thinking about working on my 25 days of Christmas album (I'm only on day 13, yikes!), and maintaining a safe distance from World Tour...Tony on the other hand is sitting behind me playing some shooting/killing game, I think it's Crysis but they all look and sound the same to me!


Carmen O. said...

Sounds like a nice Sunday. I should blog one of these days soon huh? Have a great rest of the day.

Tony said...

Correction. Crysis Warhead, and then Lord of the Rings Online, Mines of Moria.

Amanda said...

I love Sundays when you don't have any plans. Did the boys sell any rocks? I'm not sure I'd pay $79 for a big rock but good for them for trying :-)

What's a 25 Days of Christmas album? I'm curious!!!

Adriann said...

Love the rocks for sale!!! LOL!!

Thanks for the game advice. I'm going to be on the look out for it.

Water Balloons

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