Thursday, June 18, 2009

T-shirts and Tubing

Today ended up being a pretty full day even though we didn’t initially have any plans. We all got to sleep in again, which was excellent, but as soon as Landon was up he was ready to go do something! He wanted to go on a bike ride, so he and Tony went off on a ride while Zoe and I hung out in the room.

Zoe getting ready to roll up her shirt Landon picking colors for his shirt. 

Once they got back we all ate lunch and then headed up to the lodge to make some tie-dye t-shirts. The kids had a good time making their shirts but we won’t see how they turned out for a week because that’s how long they told us to leave them folded up in the bags.

It's a really long tubing track!Zoe tubing down the mountainLandon tubing down the mountain

After the t-shirts we headed over to the family fun park and let the kids do some summer tubing. They put this special track on the snow tubing hill and the kids get to tube all they want for $10 an hour…it’s worth every cent; they had a ball!

Kids at the pool

Because it was only 5pm we decided we still had time for the pool, which made Landon super happy. I didn’t seem to get any really good pictures, so I’m stuck posting this one. I had just yelled to the kids to look up at me and Landon accidentally hit Zoe in the mouth…and no, I really don’t have a better picture to post!

As we left the pool, Landon noticed the park and wanted to play but it was really getting late and we hadn’t eaten dinner so I told him we would come back after we ate.  Since he didn’t forget what I told him we ended up going over to the park around 8pm tonight. It was pretty nice out except for the gnats.

Tony and Zoe at the playgroundLandon on the playground equiptment

Tomorrow Zoe and I are going to take a soap making class. She really wanted to take this class more than any of the others, so I thought we’d give it a try. We are also planning on going up to Skyline Drive and then hiking out to see Dark Hollow Falls. I sure hope the weather’s nice!  

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