Friday, July 31, 2009

Cayo Levantado (Dominican Republic)


Our third port was Semana, Dominican Republic. We chose to do another day at the beach, only this time it was at Cayo Levantado. We’ve never actually been over to Semana, we went to this beach both times. I love the way the trees look in that top photo. It’s kinda crazy the way those roots have grown in order to support that tree!

Tony and Zoe kayaking Tony and I kayaking Tony and Landon kayaking

We were able to try a little ocean kayaking while we were out there too, and that was pretty fun. It took awhile to convince Landon to try it, but I think he liked it in the end! The top pic is Tony and Zoe, the second is Tony and I and of course the last is Tony and Landon. I wish I had gotten close up’s of all of us like the last one.



Tony and I just had to get one of the pina colada’s to try…they were pretty tasty!


The kids had fun riding the waves in to shore. The water was nice and clear at this beach too, but there was a lot of seaweed/coral on the side where we were. Eventually we moved to the other side of the beach and the water was much clearer with hardly any seaweed at all.


We decided to get back to the ship once we started hearing thunder. The tender was about a 20 minute ride and the water was really choppy. We were on a speedboat so the ride was quite exciting! We were hitting the waves so hard we were coming out of our seats!


This last photo was taken from the tender (not an easy task!) but I thought it was really cool. We sure felt tiny pulling up on our speed boat to board that big ol’ ship!

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Carmen O. said...

Fab photos, thanks for sharing!!

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