Friday, November 20, 2009

Thankful Turkey


That’s Landon’s little turkey from school. Cute, huh? Being in third grade means you still get to make cute holiday items…I dread the end of that.

His smile’s just a little fake, but I made him stop playing his new favorite game so I could get a picture of him with his turkey, and since he did what I asked I let him get away with this “hurry up mom” look.

I thought this “Thankful Thoughts” paper was really cute too.


It’s a little hard to read here, but this is what he wrote:

I’m thankful for many different things. For example, I am thankful for my mom and dad and sister because they love me and take care of me and some people do not have a mom or dad. I am also greatful for my dog because she plays with me rope. Another thang I am thankful for is food and water because some people do not have food or water so they can die. So I have a lot to be thankful for.

I left his few spelling mistakes in there becasue I know before long he won’t be making those mistakes…and it is him as he is now.

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