Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Soccer Banquet

Birthday Gift

I think Zoe might have been happy with her birthday gift from us. She’s been wanting these Adidas soccer pants forever…and I threw in the jacket for fun. I’m pretty sure she wore it to school today, but I wouldn’t know because she won’t be home until around 10 tonight since she is at her first track scrimmage.

Last night was her soccer banquet, so we didn’t really have much time to celebrate her birthday. It was just a quick gift opening, and then a rush to get dressed to go.

Zoe at the Banquet

She was a little surprised and embarrassed when a couple of girls went to the microphone and announced that it was her (and one of the coaches) birthday and that we were all going to sing to them! She was even more surprised when the JV coach called her up to give her an award! She earned the coaches award because she was always willing to play wherever the coach needed her and she always did her best no matter what. There were only 4 awards given out, so it was really awesome that she got one.

Accepting Coaches Award

Some of the players


Tony said...

Yeah she wore them alright. They were sitting in the bathroom last night for her to dress into this morning.

Carmen O. said...

Congrats to Zoe!

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