Monday, January 18, 2010

Allergies Shmalergies

Today was quite a day. It started with a crappy night’s “sleep”. You know the kind where you wake up nearly every hour and have go to the bathroom every. single. time. Well, I had one of those nights, and I have felt pretty groggy and grumpy all day because of it.

Then, at 10:30am Landon and I had to be at his allergists office for a skin test to see if he was eligible for the H1N1 shot. First we went in to see his doctor who then sent us to get the scratch test done, and then they told us we had to wait 15 minutes before they would check him and see what his skin’s response was. Luckily (I think) he had zero reaction to the scratch test (they tested him for the H1N1 and egg) and was able to get the vaccine. We were so excited to see that he had absolutely no reaction to the egg! We’ve come a long way with that whole dilemma. The only drawback to going ahead with the H1N1 shot was that they required an hour wait in the office afterwards to ensure that he was ok. An hour of sitting in a doctors office is torturous. And, since we were already there, we went ahead and got his allergy shots for the week, which of course required another half hour of sitting in the office making sure he didn’t have any reaction.

While sitting in the doctors office wasn’t any fun, I am so thankful that things seem to be turning around a bit for him. I am also thankful that we are able to afford to do all of these shots and tests, I realize that so many people have to go without…and I feel that is a true tragedy.

I’ve noticed some significant change in his allergies as of late, now I’m just keeping my fingers crossed it’s because these weekly shots are working and not just because the pollen in January is nearly nothing! Our true test will be in the spring when all those pretty flowers and trees are in full bloom.

Next up for Landon will be an egg food challenge in February.

Landon and I were both pretty excited when we learned he was going to be able to do the food challenge. Excited until we found out that it meant he’d have to eat the egg in the office over a period of about an hour while they monitored everything. Then they told me to plan on making an entire morning of it. At least 3-4 hours. That’s when Landon decided that having an allergy to egg wasn’t so bad after all…he’d rather just be allergic than have to sit there for another 3 or 4 hours! :)

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