Wednesday, January 20, 2010

No Show

This morning I got a call letting us know that the realtor that had scheduled to show our house tonight from 6-7pm had to cancel.

Funny thing is, we never got a call telling us that we were having a showing tonight.

About a minute after that call another call came from the same company…this time letting me know that we had a realtor scheduled to show our house tonight between 6 and 7. Hm. I was pretty confused, but I decided to just clean the house and be ready to walk out of the house a little before 6 tonight.

So, after a quick dinner, we cleaned up and left. Since we didn’t have anything to do we headed to Starbucks for some coffee and hot chocolate. The kids went next door and got some ice cream from Coldstone.


But I’m pretty sure no one came by tonight, and I’m really irritated. There wasn’t a business card left by a realtor (not that many of them even do that) and there wasn’t any sign that anyone had ever come in the house.  Usually there will be a light left on or a fan turned off or something to indicate that someone had been by.


We’ve had quite a few no show’s and there is nothing more annoying than cleaning your house all day only to find out that the people never even stopped by. I don’t think people realize how much work it is to put a house on the market and keep it presentable while living in it at the same time.

I am really starting to hope that we will be able to sell soon. All this cleaning up and running out at a moment’s notice is starting to wear me out!

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