Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Music Man

When Zoe was in 5th grade, her school put on the play The Music Man. I was so happy that she decided to take part in the play, and proud of her for trying something new, and outside of her comfort zone.

The play turned out to be really cute, and Zoe had a really good time with it. She played a “Pick-a-Little Lady” and a townsperson and was in a few dance numbers. Her role wasn’t a major one, but she did have one scene that she stood up and said a line, and that was enough to make her a star (in my eyes at least). Unfortunately her middle school didn’t have a drama department and the fun she had doing the fifth grade play was forgotten…and she’s never been interested since. 

So, while these pictures aren’t the best (nor the layout) they are important because they will probably be the last I ever have of her in a show onstage…which is fine with me because she has many interests elsewhere. I’ve just got to remember to always have my camera ready. 


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Carmen O. said...

What a treasure this layout is! I love the clean lines and the journaling. Is that kraft paper? It's one of my favorites.

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