Saturday, April 17, 2010

Baseball+Track = Busy Saturday

Today was one heck of a busy day. It started with a 6:45am alarm and we’ve gone non-stop from there.

Both kids had activities to attend at 8am; Zoe needed to be at a track sponsored car wash and Landon had his baseball opening day parade.


Zoe hard at work! (I took the pic through my windshield, so it’s not the best!)


Landon walking by with his team.

After the kids were done, we headed home for a much needed break before Landon’s first baseball game of the season. I even snuck in a half hour nap, and man did I feel better!


Smacking the heck outta that ball! 


Playing short-stop.


Ready to take off!


As you can see from what Zoe’s wearing, it was a bit chilly out. I think it was probably somewhere in the mid 50’s and super windy. I think half of the sand on the field ended up in our mouths…yuck! Despite the chilly weather it turned out to be a pretty nice day, although busy.

Tonight we all went out (with the exception of Zoe who is at a sweet 16 party) and did a little baby shopping; I’ll try to post some pictures of the adorable outfits I picked up tomorrow.

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