Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Art Attack

Tonight was “Art Attack” at Zoe’s school. It is a chance for the art students to show off their work. There were examples of 3-D art, photography, ceramics, drawing as well as many others. (Not everyone gets their work in the show, pieces are selected by the teachers.) 

It just so happens that Zoe’s print made it into the show, and after going to see it tonight, I can see why!


If I remember correctly the process went something like this:

1) have photo taken

2) draw/copy print onto grid paper

3) trace onto a “plate” of syrofoam

4) ink

5) print

I think it turned out really awesome, and I know I could never draw like that! When she came home with the project I thought it looked really intimidating, and I couldn’t even imagine how she would go about drawing her own face! Good thing she had an idea what to do!

As we were walking around looking at all the other artwork, I came across this portrait of Obama. I thought it was really cool, but I was even more impressed when I saw Zoe’s name as one of the artists! (She didn’t tell me about this one!) Each student drew their own square, and Zoe’s is in the first column in the third row.


I wish Zoe could have been there to browse through the art and show us hers, but she had another track meet tonight that she had to be at. I’m glad we decided to go ahead without her though; I’ll just put this in my “reasons to be proud of my daughter” folder! :)

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ValAnn said...

Awesome!! I would be very intimidated to try a self portrait. She did great!

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