Thursday, May 6, 2010



Playing basketball has become Landon’s favorite after school activity lately. He comes home, gets his homework done and then heads out to play, and for the past couple of days he’s asked his dad and I to come out and play with him. I told him I’d play, but I had to get a few pictures of him first…

IMG_0598 IMG_0599 IMG_0600 IMG_0601 

I don’t know the first thing about basketball so Landon was schooling me on the best way to shoot the ball. He told me I was holding it all wrong, and he said I needed to throw it differently. I didn’t even realize there was a certain way to do it! I will admit though that after I tried it his way I was at least able to hit the rim.

I learn something new every day…I’m just not sure I should admit that I’m learning it from an 8 year old. :) 

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