Sunday, June 20, 2010

Channeling our Inner Hippie

After our little picnic we brought the kids to the lodge so that they could make tie dye t-shirts. We made these shirts last year and they came out so great that they really wanted to make them again…so, off we went.


Both kids got to choose two projects, and Zoe chose a t-shirt and backpack while Landon chose a t-shirt and hat.

After rolling and rubber banding their stuff, they brought it up to the table where two girls dipped them into the colors that the kids chose:


Once the color was applied we put the shirts in plastic bags where they will “marinate” for a week…I’m hoping they come out as awesome as they did last year! (You can see how much Landon likes his since he’s wearing last years model in the photo above!)

We had about an hour and a half to kill before our next craft activity so we let Landon go do his thing at the skate park:

IMG_1215 IMG_1224

It was pretty hot out while Landon was skating, so Zoe and I spent a little bit of it sitting in the truck. Zoe got bored and started messing with the camera:


Cute, huh?

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