Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Kid’s are Funny

Landon: “Mom, when is the 4th of July?”

Me: “Seriously, or are you just joking?”

It turns out that he wasn’t kidding, he was just having a moment.

He laughed a second later when he realized what he had just asked…and I realized my kids are probably not getting the education they need. Summer vacation only began about 3 hours ago and Landon’s already forgotten the basics!

It reminded me of a time when Zoe was younger and asked me a funny question like that, but first I have to say that the kids have always called my sister TT because LaTisha is a hard name to pronounce when your little and Zoe started calling her TT years ago. Anyways…

Zoe: “ Mom, how do you spell TT?”

Me: “TT. Seriously?”

It took her a few minutes to realize what I was saying, but once she did it stayed a joke with us for years!

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