Thursday, June 17, 2010

When Life Gives You Lemons…



Landon has been dying to set up a lemonade stand for weeks now. He actually wanted to do it at the old house, but we just never had the time. He was finally able to set up his little stand today with a friend he had over to play, and it was a big hit! Lots of neighborhood kids stopped by and bought a cup and Zoe helped by calling up a few of her friends to stop by. They split the money evenly, and the boys ended up with just under $3.00 a piece…not much, but at ten cents a cup they didn’t do bad!

When Zoe wasn’t being so helpful, this is what I caught her doing:


Yay for summer vacation, right?

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BusyB said...

ahhh how fun! I loved doing that when I was younger!

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