Sunday, October 31, 2010

Soccer Playoffs


While Landon skated his heart out at the skating rink, Zoe was freezing her tush off on the soccer field.

The regular season ended last week, but Friday was her playoff game. It ended up being a disappointing season end when they lost 6-0, but Zoe wasn’t in poor spirits about it. She loves to play soccer but is still able to see it as a game and not the end of the world when her team loses. I think that is probably the healthiest attitude you can have when you play sports. Getting upset and losing sleep over every loss could really get tiring!

I left Landon’s skate party after about 15 minutes so that I could get to the field to watch her game. I didn’t want her to have all the fun freezing to death! I didn’t make it to the game until the second half because I ended up getting a little lost on the way, but I did make it in time to see Zoe play, which I was thankful for, even as my teeth chattered so hard I was sure I was going to break them.

Since it was about 7pm when I got to the game it was pretty dark. Unfortunately that means my pictures didn’t come out that well. The only decent one I got is the one you see at the top. But, it’s proof I was at the game, freezing my butt off while I watched my girl play ball.

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