Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Stenciled Tray

We had so many little projects going on this weekend, it was crazy! I told my mom I wished I could spend every weekend doing little house projects, but of course there are always a thousand other things going on. I did enjoy myself while it lasted though!

Remember this? Well, I’m still trying to fill in the gaps. I think it looks too plain with only the few pieces of pottery up there. My mom had a couple trays she wasn’t using so she brought them up for me to use up there.

One of the trays was a plain black tray that we decided needed a little dressing up. This past weekend while at Michaels my mom picked up some stencils and gold leaf. When we got home and opened the package of gold leaf we realized that it was all dried out and couldn’t be used. So, I thought I’d see what I had in my craft stash and I found an old tri color stamp pad I hadn’t used in ages AND the colors were silver, gold and bronze! Perfect!


I couldn’t decide which color to use, so I ended up using the silver and gold. I am thrilled with how nicely it came out! I’m thinking of spray painting the other tray black just so I can stencil another tray! I think the wine bottles on the other tray just look a little out of place now…it was such a fun and easy project and I am really happy with the results.

Here’s an updated picture of my shelf (still a work in progress, but I’m getting there!):


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