Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Soccer Banquet


Monday night was Zoe’s annual soccer banquet. Last year just Tony and I went while Landon stayed with his grandma. This year we decided to take everyone and Landon was less than thrilled about the whole thing. We did decide to take two cars though because the banquet was from 7-9:30pm and Landon had school in the morning and I’m also trying to keep Harper on a schedule. I ended up staying long enough to enjoy my $20 dinner, but then I headed out with the boys.


Tony stayed behind with Zoe, and I left him in charge of taking photo’s. I don’t think he realized that the camera was on manual, so most of the pictures are somewhat blurry. I was a little disappointed to find out that Zoe had won an award and I wasn’t there to see her accept it. Her team voted her as Most Improved Player, and I couldn’t agree more. She really gives it her all every time she’s on the field and her team is better for it.


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Tony said...

There are two of every picture, because I kept closing the flash and the flash was on manual but the focus was on auto.

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