Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010 and a Slide Show!

Having Thanksgiving with my parents has been our tradition for several years now. Because they are all still trying to get settled in South Carolina, we decided to have Thanksgiving at our house this year. My parents, sister, nephew and a friend of theirs came up from SC and Tony’s brother and his family also ate with us. We had 15 people all together and everything went really well. Tony did the majority of the cooking and the turkey he made was outstanding! I didn’t take many photo’s this year, mostly because there was just so much going on.

Having Thanksgiving at our house this year gave me a whole new appreciation for all that my Mom does before we get to her house for Thanksgiving. I always want her to have her Christmas decorations up and for things to be really festive so of course I felt like I should do the same for them and let me tell you…I was just a bit unpleasant for a few days before everyone got here! Thankfully everyone was happy to be here and we all enjoyed each other’s company.

Instead of posting a thousand pictures, I’ve put together a little slideshow:

I’ve captioned them all, and to see them just mouse over the photos. I think I’m most Thankful that next year we’ll be going to SC for Thanksgiving!

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