Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Cookies

Making cookies around Christmas time has become something Zoe and I like to do. We usually make them all throughout the month to give away to neighbors and teachers, but this year time just got away from us. Zoe’s school workload is heavy and Harper keeps me busy for about 23 1/2 hours a day.


We did finally find some time to make cookies though, only Zoe ended up doing nearly all the work herself because Harper just wasn’t in the mood to cooperate.


And, by accident, I got a picture like the one below only it was blurry. So, I grabbed Zoe and took another and thought it was kind of cute.


How about just one more for good measure?


Zoe thought she’d like giving Harper a ride in his carrier.


But she quickly realized how much 16 pounds was. I did eventually get the little stinker to take a nap, albeit a short one. While he snoozed Zoe and I worked as quickly as we could to finish our cookies. I even thought to get out the tripod to get a shot of us working together…and I really like how they turned out!



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