Saturday, January 1, 2011

Santa’s Workshop

This is the last thing I’ll be posting about our trip to DC. I think.

As we were walking around looking at all of the little state trees, we were beckoned over to a building by a girl dressed as an elf. She informed us that we were lucky because Landon was just the right age to get to go inside of Santa’s workshop…and because he was such a great guy, he was even allowed to have all us old people go in with him! She then pointed out that we wouldn’t have to stand in the cold to see Santa because the wait was short and the line was all inside. We jumped at the chance to get warm!

What she didn’t tell us was how incredibly cute the little workshop was!

When we first walked in Mrs. Claus greeted us all and checked to make sure Landon was on the “nice” list.


We all had our doubts about him being on that list, but she assured us that he had been good all year. She even pointed to the lists behind her that showed who’d been marked naughty or nice.


Then we followed a conveyor belt full of wrapped goodies until we met Santa Claus at the end.


He was such a sweet Santa too. He took the time to listen as the kids told him what they wanted; Landon said he wanted a dirt bike and Zoe said she wanted a car. When Zoe said she wanted a car, he said “Or at least the keys to dads, right?” Such a smart guy!


The whole Santa’s workshop was sponsored by Underwriters Laboratory and the photo was free! Win-Win!

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