Thursday, May 26, 2011

Christmas Pages in May

There has been a stack of Christmas cards sitting on my desk since I put away all the decorations this past year. I like to try to think of something to do with all of them, just as a little reminder of all the people who thought of us that year and took the time to wish us a happy holiday/

Last year I made this page with the cards we received and this one with all the pictures people included. This year there were LOTS more picture cards so I had to made 4 pages total!

This page just has some of the card images; the ornament on the bottom row, far right is an acrylic one I colored years ago and had in my Christmas stash.


Page 4 is the beginning of all the photo’s we got.


Pages one and four are 12x12 and the other two are 81/2x11, and it is a front and back.



As you can see, I ran out of pictures on the back of the page, so I improvised with some Christmas embellishments. The “the season to shine” embellishment is from a Caribou coffee cup holder! I liked the saying, so I kept the cup sleeve to use somewhere and this seemed to be the perfect spot for it! Of course, I wouldn’t have thought to save it if it hadn’t been for Ali Edwards! She keeps all kinds of things from her day to include on layouts and I love how easily those things can be found if you just look for them!

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Diana Joy said...

Fabulous......just fabulous. This is what I've done the past few years also... tfs.

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