Tuesday, July 12, 2011

11 Months


So, the little stinker is 11 months old today. Hard to believe that I’ll have a one year old next month. If you read my post about Landon turning 10 you already know where my heart is when it comes to these kiddo’s getting older and I won’t make you read that all over again. Instead, I’ll give you the little dudes monthly update.

  • He weighs somewhere right around 24 pounds. I don’t know his exact weight, but I do know he’s quite heavy.
  • He has 5 teeth. Three up top and 2 on the bottom, and he will bite you. And it will hurt.
  • He cries when I tell him no. Not every time, but he always looks up at me to see how serious I am, and when I’ve got my don’t you dare look on my face, he cries. Then I just want to let him do whatever it was I said no about because it breaks my heart knowing I’ve hurt his feelings.
  • He is s-m-a-r-t. He knows he isn’t supposed to mess with my plants and he crawls up to them and then turns and waits for me to notice before he bats at the leaves. He also knows he isn’t supposed to play in the dogs food and water, so he’ll just casually throw a toy in the general direction of her bowls and then ever so casually grab a piece of dog food or splash in the water before I get to him.
  • He’s tasted dog food and by the look on his face, it wasn’t too bad.
  • He crawls around like its his job.
  • He’s attempting to take steps, but usually he’ll just pretend like he’s going to take a step and then sit down…but we’re getting there. He does zoom around the house pushing his little mailbox toy and I’ve got video of that to post sometime in the (hopefully) near future.
  • He is chock full of personality and he cracks us up. He knows we think certain things he does are funny and he’ll do them over and over again. We also know how to get him to laugh and we all make sure to get a good belly laugh out of him daily.
  • Bath time is no longer his favorite time of day, and I think it is mostly attributed to the fact that he is just so darn tired by the time we get to it. All he wants to do in there is stand up and/or throw his toys out. He seems to be in his very best mood first thing in the morning, and sometimes that can be pretty darn early, but at least he’s happy when he gets us up at the crack of dawn!

All in all he seems to be hitting all of his milestones right on time and is generally an incredibly easy going and happy baby. He’s spoiled rotten and loved to pieces…just as a baby should be.

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Amanda said...

Amazingly cute, smart boy you've got there, Angela! Love it!

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