Monday, August 8, 2011

Day Trip to the Inner Harbor

Because yesterday may have been our last free Sunday for awhile, we decided to head down to the Inner Harbor for the day.

After watching Shark Week last week, I had the urge to take the kids to the aquarium. We’ve been several times since we’ve lived here, but it’s been quite awhile and yesterday seemed like a great day. I was so glad that we bought our tickets online before we left! The lines were incredibly long for tickets and wait times to get in were long. We went ahead and purchased a year membership since the price was only $40 more than for a days visit…and membership has it’s benefits! (Like no wait times and separate ie. faster entry.)

It was super crowded inside, but we were still able to enjoy our visit. The only negative thing about visiting the aquarium is the fact that you cannot bring your stroller in with you. They have a stroller check available, but I didn’t know that going in, so we had to carry Harper around the entire time. So, if you plan to visit the aquarium with a baby/toddler, plan to bring a carrier of some sort.

Because of the low light and my minimal photography knowledge, most of the pictures from yesterday aren’t very good, but, of course, there are a few.

Harper just loved walking up to the glass and seeing the fish close up.


That’s Landon and Zoe, in case you’re wondering.


We love penguins, and we really liked the Puffin exhibit.


We saw this cool poster and I thought it might make for a cool photo op. I was right!


This looks like a good enough reason to never get in the ocean again.


My least favorite area of the aquarium is the rainforest where all the birds are flying around. The birds are pretty but it’s just so hot and humid in there!


Once we had enough of the aquarium, we walked over to the new water fountain area. Landon was dying to get in, but he just couldn’t do it since most of the kids were probably 5 or younger…but Harper loved it!



It was a great day, and everyone had a nice time!

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Diana Joy said...

Awesome pictures and what a fun time. Your heads up on your aquarium and no strollers has me wondering about ours....I know my daughter wants to take my granddaughter there soon...will check into it. Thanks...happy week to you.

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