Friday, August 26, 2011

Five (or 8) on Friday

  1. Landon began his last year of elementary school this past Tuesday. He’s enjoying being the “big man” on campus, and he especially loves that he gets to use a 3 ring binder for school this year. It’s the first time a binder like that has been on his school list, so he thinks it’s pretty neat.
  2. We took Zoe on a tour of University of Maryland on Tuesday while Landon was at school. I was amazed at how big the campus was and how many cool things they offered. Zoe was pretty surprised how big it was too, and I think she found a lot of it appealing. Now to apply and get accepted…
  3. When we got home from the tour, we were relaxing from our tough day of college shopping when an earthquake hit. It was a 5.9 and it scared the living crap out of us. No one was hurt and nothing major broke. But, it was really scary.
  4. Zoe began her Senior year of high school on Wednesday. She was so ready to get back to school, and I think she too is enjoying being at the top of school. She isn’t as excited about binders as Landon is, but that girl loves her some school supplies! And, since her school didn’t supply agenda’s this year, she begged me to get her a day runner so she could keep track of her ever busy schedule. I complied.
  5. Zoe and I attended a concert on Wednesday night. We saw Gavin Degraw, Maroon 5 and Train. They were excellent. Each and every one. I’ve had their songs stuck in my head all day and night since.
  6. Tony sent me an e-vite this morning. It was for lunch with him at Olive Garden. I love when he does that.
  7. Zoe had senior pictures tonight. She did the mandatory drape photo, one with her soccer uniform and one with a cute outfit. I don’t know how I’ll choose because she was simply breath taking in each and every shot.
  8. Landon had a soccer scrimmage tonight. I didn’t get to go because of Zoe’s pictures, but Tony and Mema went and they both said that he did a wonderful job. I think he may finally be on the right team, with the right coach and kids. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

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