Sunday, October 9, 2011

39 and Counting

Today my husband turned 39 years old. We already celebrated our birthday’s at dinner Saturday night, so today was pretty much just another regular Sunday for us. We grocery shopped, helped Landon study for a math test, got Zoe to finish up her college applications, and even got some chores done around the house. At one point, Tony decided to wash his car and Harper took it upon himself to help.


I ordered Tony’s birthday gifts from Amazon kind of late last week, and I was a little worried they wouldn’t get here by Saturday. I was really surprised and excited when the doorbell rang Saturday afternoon and Landon told me there was a heavy box sitting at the door. Turns out that I shouldn’t have been so proud of myself though because I had ordered the wrong thing! I’m beginning to think that I may actually be the worst person ever when it comes to buying gifts. I’ve messed up quite a few times now and it’s getting rather embarrassing…I don’t know how long I can use that old saying “it’s the thought that counts” before everyone realizes I’m just a big loser!!! In order to redeem myself, I’ve already reordered the correct thing (I hope) and will be dropping off the wrong thing tomorrow. Maybe if I start planning now I’ll be able to get it right next year. Maybe…

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