Monday, October 10, 2011

The Tree

Yesterday afternoon we went over to the other Vranish house to visit and eat dinner. We try to get together at least once a month, but since school’s started we’ve all been so busy it hasn’t been happening. I was happy when Lori called to invite us over because I was thinking of doing the same thing but just hadn’t called yet. We typically go over pretty early, around 3pm when both babies are awake from their naps, and we eat around 5pm because Harper has to be home and in the tub by 6:30pm so he doesn’t fall apart.

We mostly just talk and hang out and watch the babies while the older kids hang out and do their thing. Yesterday was no exception. It’s nice that we all feel so comfortable with each other and that it’s so relaxed. Once we got there yesterday we all had to head down the hill to see the tree that collapsed in their yard during the hurricane awhile back. Normally we wouldn’t be so intrigued by a fallen tree, but this tree was massive. It was estimated to be somewhere between 150 and 200 years old. And it was beautiful…


That is the hole where the tree once stood. There is still another tree standing there and I guess the two trees merged at some point in time and it looked like one giant tree when it was still standing.


This is just part of the canopy of what is remaining of the tree, and you can see just how enormous it is. It’s still beautiful, but it just seems so strange that the other half is missing.


The trunk was hollow so it had been dead awhile, but I wonder if the other half is hollow too. I sure hope it isn’t and continues to thrive. It would be a real shame for them to lose the other tree too.

Next time I’m over there I’ve got to remember to get a picture from far away!! I always forget!

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