Friday, October 7, 2011


Today I turned 35 years old.

So, in honor of me, my five on Friday will be all about me. :)

  1. The picture above was taken this morning with my cell phone. I have that dumb look on my face because I am absolutely terrible at taking a self portrait, even with a small phone. I don’t know how people just hold up their phones and snap away and get great pictures. I’ll probably never understand it.
  2. Every birthday morning, I wake up feeling a little depressed. I don’t know why though, because getting older has been pretty awesome so far.
  3. I had a friend ask me if I had any special plans for my birthday today. I started to tell her that no, I really didn’t, but I stopped to think about that and this is the response I gave in the end: Let's see...I got up super early to hold my baby and feed him his morning bottle, then watched my husband leave for work, my daughter make a run for her bus (running late, again) then walk my 5th grader to his bus. Once everyone was gone I took a long walk around my neighborhood while Harper babbled to me from his stroller; came home for some breakfast and a shower and now am waiting on my husband to get here so we can go out for lunch in a little bit. All that probably sounds pretty lame, but I couldn't be happier...and all these birthday wishes and knowing that a few people thought of me today makes my day just that much sweeter.
  4. Tony left work early so that we could go out to lunch together. When he got home he had a card for me, and it was so sweet, I actually got teary eyed reading it. Inside the card were two homemade vouchers; one was for a trip to the Apple store to get an iPad 2 and the other was to Pandora to pick out a piece of jewelry. I was so freaked out by having to choose between the two I started sweating. I mean, how in the world would I choose between those two? I ended up going with the iPad though because Tony told me if I didn’t get the jewelry now, he’d have an idea for Christmas. So, I figured it was a win-win for me either way!
  5. Zoe and Landon were really sweet and went out and picked up some flowers and dessert for me tonight. Zoe said it was a good thing she had her license because if she didn’t, she wouldn’t have been able to get me anything!

All in all today was as close to a perfect birthday as it could get. I got to spend time with my kids and husband and felt a lot of love from all those old friends of mine. I am just incredibly thankful to have all these wonderful people in my life, and I am looking forward to another wonderful year.

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amanda said...

Happy birthday! Sounds like a wonderful day!

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