Saturday, December 3, 2011


I’ve been hearing about DC’s ICE! experience for a few years now, and decided that this was the year we were going to go see what it was all about.


I warned the kids that they needed to dress for the cold since they keep it a chilly 9 degrees throughout the exhibit. After watching a brief Madagascar cartoon, and 4 minute clip about the making of the sculptures, we were led into a room where we were all given heavy down parkas.


After getting everyone’s coat, hat and mittens on, we headed in to see the sculptures. It was FREEZING! I knew 9 degrees was going to be cold, but whoa! It was enough to make you have to catch your breath! The sculptures were pretty amazing and it was hard to believe all of it was ice.





I think the best part of the whole thing was probably the ice slides near the end. Landon went down at least 3 times and Zoe even did it once, but I only got one picture of Landon coming down because it was really crowded…and you can hardly even tell it’s him!


At the very end they had a huge nativity scene, and it was pretty amazing.




I’m not sure we’ll be going back to ICE! again anytime soon though because Tony and I both felt like it was WAY over priced for what it was. It didn’t help that Harper couldn’t deal with the cold or that Landon, despite 1000 reminders, forgot his gloves at home (his hands were about to crack into a million pieces so I gave him my mittens and then my hands nearly cracked into a million pieces!). But, I’m glad we went and now we can check it off our been there done that list!

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susan and sometimes aaron said...

awesome, i'll have to tell brian and irina about this

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