Friday, December 2, 2011

Still Decorating…

It is taking me forever to get all my Christmas decorations up this year, usually I want everything up the day we get home from SC, but this year I’m short on steam. Here it is the 2nd and I still haven’t put up  any garland or anything…I’m wondering if I’ll actually get to it this year at all at this point.

Tony did get outside and put up the outside lights today. I didn’t want him climbing up to the top of the house to do the roof though, so we just did the arch around the front door. The roof is so incredibly steep on one side of the house that I’m sure Tony shouldn’t be taking any risks getting up there. I really need him around here for all the other chores I’ve got in mind! :)


I like how the front door looks, but I miss having the icicle lights across the rest of the house. I sure hope we can find someone to hire to do the job next year, or at least scrape up enough money to buy a super duper tall ladder.

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