Sunday, March 18, 2012

Game On

Today began Landon’s outdoor soccer season. It seems to me that the season is beginning quite early, but I think that could be a good thing especially with the decent weather we’ve been having.

His team has been practicing since early February and it was time to put them on the field and see how they did.

Landon practices nearly every day at home, just because he likes it so much. He’s one of the two goalies for his team, and he’s just getting better and better every year. I think this is probably the first year he’s taken it seriously, and I guess at 10 years old you have to start taking your sports more seriously if you want to get better.


Harper just thinks every single thing about his big brother is awesome, so he wanted to be in the net with him while he warmed up for the game.


This boy has a mean punt on him! I wouldn’t wanna get kicked by that foot!


They ended up losing this one 4-0, and two goals were scored on each goalie. (The second goal scored on Landon was his own teammate! Oops!) They are just going to have to keep practicing and hopefully this first game isn’t how the rest of the season will go.

*Just want to add that Landon had two goals scored on him, but he probably saved 10. One of his saves was made with a beautiful dive to the right…and he talked about it for hours after his game! He was so proud of that move and that he was able to predict which way the kid was going to shoot! He really is getting better every game, and we’re pretty proud of him!

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