Sunday, March 18, 2012

Good Bye, Expedition

Friday night on our way home from dinner, our truck was making some funky noises, and Tony said he thought it was the brakes. So, Saturday morning we made a trip up to the Goodyear to have it looked at and sure enough, the brakes were going out. We went ahead and had them fixed, but I thought maybe we should go ahead and use the day to do a little car shopping.

We called his mom, and she happily came to watch the kids for us while we made a trip out to Carmax to see what they had available. I was 99% sure I wanted to get a mini-van, but was also 99% sure I was going to hate them. I just had this old image of what a mini-van was in my mind and I hated to think I’d be driving one. I told Tony I mostly wanted to see the Toyota Sienna and the Chrysler Town and Country because I’d heard good things about both of them. I wasn’t concerned about getting a used vehicle as the Expedition was purchased from Carmax and had been a great truck all these years. We ended up looking at several vans, and I was pretty sure I wanted to get a Town and Country until we looked at the last van and it was a Volkswagen Routan. I didn’t even know that VW made a mini-van, but I am so glad that we found out!





So far, I am absolutely in love with this thing! Actually, we are all loving it. I’m totally planning to run errands in it tomorrow, and I’m just going to make up crap to do just so I can drive it a little. The kids favorite parts are the heated rear seats and the dual DVD players. My favorite parts are probably the navigation system and remote/power everything…and the leather is a definite bonus!

After driving the same truck for 10+ years it’s a nice change. I really didn’t expect a mini-van to be so awesome, but I was totally wrong. This just ain’t your momma’s mini-van! Know what I mean? Smile

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