Monday, April 16, 2012

Too Hot For April!!

It was incredibly hot outside today. In the 90’s hot. It was pretty warm yesterday too, and when we went to turn the air on, it decided it wasn’t going to work. Again. So, somehow we lived through a torturous night and through part of today without AC, but now we’re back in business and hopefully we’ll all sleep better tonight with the cooler temps in the house.

My parents are up for a visit this week because my dad has some meeting to attend up here. Mom came along so that she could hang out with us, but we couldn’t really stay in the house because it was so incredibly hot. We ended up going to Lowe’s where she helped me pick up some new flowers for my containers outside.

This evening I decided to water everything we’d planted and Harper couldn’t wait to get wet. It started out with just getting his feet a little wet, but once he decided to water the plants for me, that was it. He was SOAKED!


The water coming out of the hose was terribly cold but he couldn’t get enough! He absolutely loved running through it and being sprayed!


I had to let Meme finish the watering so that I could get some pictures of him. It’s a good thing it was so darn hot because that little boy was drenched head to toe.


When we turned the hose off he decided it was time to play some ball with Papa. (Playing ball means trying to get past Papa with the ball in order to throw it out into the street while he watches Papa chase said ball.)



Papa caught onto the “game” pretty quick though and that was the end of that.

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Diana Joy said...

Glad the ac kicked in... I love your description of "playing ball". Take care and stay cool.

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